twenty cashews 

melissa delaney is a life designer. 

Currently living and working in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Melissa's recent research dwells in the intersections between wellness practice and social sculpture. Drawing from a vast background as an experimental artist, Melissa uses whatever medium suits at the time. This includes directing festivals, sound art, video, digital photography, performance, text and writing, drawing, installation, textile art, strategy as art, and making spaces for herself and others to be creative.

twenty cashews is a platform for Melissa to share her wealth of experience, knowledge and connections with others. Melissa's approach is aligned very much in creating personal rhythms and works with raw material of the self. 

Currently studying a Master in Creative Industries (University of Newcastle, NSW) and in addition to qualifications in art and arts management, Melissa is a certified mindfulness meditation practitioner and also a qualified wellness practitioner through RMIT University, Melbourne (au).